Castle Kost

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Kost Castle lies in an attractive landscape of forests and sandstone rocks, which because of its charm is rightly called Bohemian Paradise. I stands on a low promontory above ponds whose dams were release in times of danger, turning the castle it into a water fortress. In time when war threatened, the lord of the castle retreated with his family to the top floor of the solidly built white tower.

Kost Castle lies in a magical landscape of forests and sandstone rocks, which is rightly called Bohemian Paradise due to its charms.It stands on a low promontory over a set of fishponds whose dams were broken in times of
danger, cleverly changing it into a moated castle.

Of historical interest

At the time of the religious wars of the 15th century, the castle presented a problem for the invincible Hussite leader Jan Žizka. It is said that he did not conquer the castle because its walls were as hard as bone (kost in Czech), and he withdrew disappointed. The truth is a bit different: The castle simply was overlooked by his troops because, unlike other medieval palaces, it does not stand atop a hill, but in the valley.

The exibition presents the Kinský family in the Czech lands, to whom the well-run castle still belongs. In the cellar you can visit a medieval torture chamber with illustrative examples of „interrogation methods“ which reliably brought about a confessions

Castle sightseeing tour is divided to four tours:

  • Circuit Kinsky IN BOHEMIA
    - A collection of rifles, pistols and guns. Family furniture and portraits of Czech noble family. (50- 60min).
  • Circuit torture chamber
    - Deals with criminal law in the 16th until the 18th century. (50-60min).
  • The circuit coupled
    - 1 and 2 circuit (90-100 min.)
  • Short circuit
    - Shows the exterior of the castle. It is a complementary circuit. (30 min.)

There is a possibility to book for different times as well. Reduced prices are for children,
students, disabled people and retired people.

Kost castle is located in the Czech Republic, 80 Km north of Prague. This fortress was originally built after 1371, probably by  Beneš of Wartenberg, who  had  the long hall and tower  erected as a defensive castle. It was then acquired, in 1456 by John Hasenberg, but  he took part in a rebellion against his king ,George of Podebrad and  his son sold Kost castle and the castle Trosky to John of Schellenberg, in 1490. After 50 years, Jan of Biberstein had  the “Renaissance”  wing of the castle built, with the big kitchen. His niece inherited Kost castle, and her husband, Krisof Popel of Lobkowitz, added the brewery, the “Lobkowitz” palace and other farm buildings, which
were fortified and joined to the castle. Albrecht of Waldstein’s plans to redesign Kost into a country home while remaining a stronghold were halted by his death in 1634. In 1635, a part of Kost Castle was destroyed by fire after which it ceased to be inhabited by the proprietors.  Bought by the Czernins of Chudenicz, the castle apartments were used as granaries at end of the 17th century. The Castle suffered during the 30-years- war and was supposed to be destroyed .

After 1867 Kost castle was in part reconverted in neo-gothic style. In 1798 Casimir Netolitzky bought Kost and the surrounding lands and entailed the property, ensuring inheritance by male primogeniture.  Kost castle later passed  by marriage to the dal Borgo Netolický family (1889)  and then to the Kinský dal Borgo family (1993).

Kost Castle is dominated by the angular White Tower, which is five storeys high, the south-eastern part pointing towards the Plakánek valley. The tower is a part of the battlements erected from stone blocks. It was destined to the defence. The mansarde roof dates only from the 18th century. The Castle has a smaller cylindrical tower from the end of the 14th century close to  the main gate.

Today Kost Castle is one of the major tourist attractions in the Czech Republic, also thanks to its charm, facinating exposition of authentic weapons and lifestyle in the middle ages. It is located in one of the most attractive regions of the Czech Republic: the "Český Ráj" meaning Czech Paradise due to the beauty of its nature and landscape.

Visitors of Kost castle can enjoy the magical atmosphere of the surrounding forests and lakes while taking a bike tour or even tour the countryside by horse. The castle offers cultural visits but also many attractions such as a medieval tournament which happens under the castle walls.

You can also get married at Kost castle or have your company event in one of the most beautiful and authentic Gothic castles in the Czech Republic. Kost castle in fact can be hired for a variety of events including weddings, company events, filmings and concerts. 

If your dream is to taste the life of the middle ages you can also rent the accomodation within the castle premises, which is comfortable, romantic, and offers a unique view.