RUINS OF THE FRÝDŠTEJN CASTLE - The preserved ruin of a rock castle rises above the valley of River Jizera. The distinctive watch tower is a beautiful dominant feature of the Malá Skála area.

The red tourist trail will take you from FRÝDŠTEJN on the Vranov ridge to the ruins of the Vranov castle. The trip is approximately 1.5 km long. The castle met all the contemporary defensive requirements in its day because the construction included a group of sandstone rocks falling almost vertically down into the Jizera valley. A wooden castle tower dominated the whole site from the highest rock. Vranov subsequently experienced periods of boom and decline until it was purchased by the entrepreneur František Zachariáš Römisch in 1802 along with the rest of the Malá Skála estate. He organized the improvement of access to the castle and had a viewing point constructed above the Jizera, which provides a magnificent view of Malá Skála and the Jizera valley. From the Pantheon lookout we will continue to the picturesque village of Malá Skála, where we will have lunch at Bouček ́s Farmstead, which offers delicious Czech cuisine.

Greenway Jizera is an attractive and safe path running along the river, ideal for a walk or bike ride, roller skating, scooter riding, or as a starting point for a boat trip. People first settled along River Jizera over ten thousand years ago. The Celts called it Isora – the Sharp River, and the Slavs changed the name to Jizera. Just like many other rivers, it has always attracted settlement and trade.

Greenway Jizera will take you through the fairytale-like Bohemian Paradise by bike, scooter or boat. You can choose between a canoe (for 2 people), a raft (max. 6 people), or a scooter.


The Malá Skála weir under Žlutá plovárna is always navigable and although the current in the sluice gate is strong, a passage by boat is completely safe even for inexperienced crews. Bouček ́s Farm is located next to the bridge on the left bank. Two kilometres further down, in the village of Křížky, there is an interesting place for a stop and, potentially, for an overnight stay.

The section from Malá Skála to Dolánky (Turnov) is the most frequented part of the lower Jizera but even there the river is much quieter and less crowded than the Vltava, Sázava, and Lužnice in the summer. In the beautiful valley, clear water teems with trout and grayling. During drier periods, it is easy to wade through the shallow sections of the river. Zrcadlová koza, a traditional boater pub on the left river bank, invites for a stop before reaching Dolánky.


This scooter ride on Greenway Jizera is easy and undemanding. You will ride along the river from Malá Skála to Dolánky. During your trip you will see wide meadows with grazing sheep and cows.

In Dolánky you can visit DLASK ́S FARM, a former farmstead and a village magistrate’s office built in 1716 – a typical example of a building from the Jizera region. The building houses permanent exhibitions of the Museum of the Bohemian Paradise dedicated to rural dwellings and agricultural tools. Picturesque Village of Jizerka

Price list


Price for 6 travelers - 69 € / Person

Price for 5 travelers - 82 € / Person

Price for 4 travelers - 103 € / Person

Price for 3 travelers - 138 € / Person

Price for 2 travelers - 199 € / Person

Price for 1 travelers - 398 € / Person

Price includes:

  • transport in a comfortable van from/to Prague (customized pic-up point)
  • private english-speaking local guide

Price list


Price for 6 travelers - 114 € / Person

Price for 5 travelers - 124 € / Person

Price for 4 travelers - 133 € / Person

Price for 3 travelers - 140 € / Person

Price for 2 travelers - 210 € / Person

Price for 1 travelers - 420 € / Person

Each one-day package includes:

  •  transport in a comfortable van from/to Prague (customized pick-up point)
  •  private english-speaking local guide
  •  entrance fees to all attractions, raft or scooter rent
  •  picnic basket with local food and wine
  •  lunch in a traditional Czech restaurant
More information: departure: early morning, Arrival: late afternoon, Duration: 11 - 12 hours, for max 7 people per group, walking distance: 5 - 7 km, walking shoes recommended


7:30 | Departure from Prague

This tour will take you to the heart of the Bohemian Paradise. You will be picked up in your hotel and driven to the Bohemian Paradise, situated about 100km northeast from Prague. The journey takes approx..1 - 1,5 hour.

Ještěd Mountain


Picturesque village of Jizerka

The picturesque village of Jizerka is situated in the Jizera Mountains

More information: JIZERKA SETTLEMENT

Kozákov hill

Kozákov hill

Kozákov is the highest peak of the Bohemian Paradise, on the outskirts of the region in the place where it is neighbouring with the Jizerské mountains

More information: Kozákov Hill

18:30 | Arrival in Prague

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