Explore the historical land of the Emperor ́s Crown as this tour reveals beautiful historical sights, magnificent landscapes and cultural life in Bohemia during medieval times. For travellers who want to escape the large coach crowd and tour the sites that interest them most at their own pace, a private car and a professional guide for a day is the answer. The ruins of old castles, rock viewpoints and nature trails of the Bohemian Paradise - Český Ráj make it a popular destination for all nature lovers, mountaineers, romantics, and families with children.

From the car park, it is a mere 500 m walk through a forest to the castle gate of Trosky. From the main courtyard we can either climb to the lookout point under the Panna tower (59 m) or to the other side to the Baba tower (49 m) – or we cando both. You can admire not only the sweeping views from the top of the towers, but also the restoration works which have uncovered the sophisticated technical design of the castle. You can enjoy stunning views of the Bohemian Paradise in all directions – Humprecht chateau, Kozákov – the highest point of the Bohemian Paradise, Vyskeř Hill, Hrubá Skála chateau. The canyon valleys under the Trosky castle hide a group of eight ponds. From Trosky you will be driven to the village of Prachov and we will stop by a pond for a picnic.

Circuit in the Prachovské Rocks – Massive sandstone towers, walls and rock boulders, standing alone and forming groups along narrow walkways, ravines and trails – these are rock towns. The most beautiful circuit in Prachovské skály (“the Prachov Rocks”) leads you through the biggest attractions that you can see here. The first sight of the Zadní Točenice “square” surrounded by rock needles will take your breath away. Then the romantic gorge Císařská chodba awaits you and finally two romantic prospects of peace and the Bohemian Paradise.

DĚTENICE CHATEAU is about 25 km from Prachov. It will take us approximately 30 min to get there. One step into the tavern and you will be transported from the 21st century back to the Middle Ages. You will immediately feel the ancient energy radiating from the vaults and old stone walls. Each sentence shouted out by the clamorous staff and tones of medieval songs will contribute to the atmosphere of times long past. Sit down on a wooden bench at a stone table and forget your everyday worries and become part of the Middle Ages. The local speciality is meat roasted on an open fire and other unique dishes that are hard to find anywhere else. After a delicious lunch you can visit the Dětenice chateau or brewery. The Dětenice Brewery offers a variety of authentic period features including the malt house, barrel making room, brewing house, laboratories, hop garden, lager cellars, fermentation room, ice house and, last but not least, you can even discover the secrets of the historical cellars! One of the most prized parts of our brewery tour is the demonstration of 18th century “beer of love” brewing, which strictly follows the original recipe and ingredients.

Price list


Price for 6 travelers - 69 € / Person

Price for 5 travelers - 82 € / Person

Price for 4 travelers - 103 € / Person

Price for 3 travelers - 138 € / Person

Price for 2 travelers - 199 € / Person

Price for 1 travelers - 398 € / Person

Price includes:

  • transport in a comfortable van from/to Prague (customized pic-up point)
  • private english-speaking local guide

Price list


Price for 6 travelers - 114 € / Person

Price for 5 travelers - 124 € / Person

Price for 4 travelers - 133 € / Person

Price for 3 travelers - 140 € / Person

Price for 2 travelers - 210 € / Person

Price for 1 travelers - 420 € / Person


  •  transport in a comfortable van from/to Prague (customized pick-up point)
  •  private english-speaking local guide
  •  entrance fees to all attractions
  •  picnic basket with local food and wine
  •  lunch in a traditional Czech restaurant
More information: departure: early morning, Arrival: late afternoon, Duration: 9 - 10 hours, for max 7 people per group, walking distance: 4 - 5 km, walking shoes recommended

7:30 | Departure from Prague

This tour will take you to the heart of the Bohemian Paradise. You will be picked up in your hotel and driven to the Bohemian Paradise, situated about 100 km northeast from Prague. The journey takes approx. 1 - 1.5 hours.


The strange ruin of what was once a Gothic castle, founded at the end of the 14th century by the family of Vartenberk, has become the main symbol of the region of Český ráj.



The Prachovské Skály nature preserve is one of the most popular regions in the Czech Republic. It is one of the oldest nature preserves in the country


Medieval tavern Dětenice


The Dětenice Chateau is situated some 70 km to the northeast of Prague, at the edge of Český ráj.


18:30 | Arrival in Prague

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